Max Kanter
Circle Session

Created: Fall 2011

Technology: javascript, node.js, html5

Description: Creating music is a difficult endeavor, but creating with others makes the process easier and more fun for everyone involved. Therefore, giving people the tools to create music collaboratively is an enticing prospect. Players use web-connected smart phones, tablets, or laptops to join a "session", pick an instrument to play, and finally play music with other session members. All players are connected to central host computer that plays and displays the music.

Additional Info: I found that many user experience design changes could be made to improve the game. First, the game is best played by 2-4 players. This means I should design that game to limit the number of players in a room to those numbers. Next, the game does not work as well if everyone is playing the same instrument. Thus, it would be a good idea to prevent players from joining a room with an instrument that already exists in that room. Also, I found some instruments work better than others. I could try to create instrument collections that specified instruments that had to be used together. Finally, the timing in which players enter game should not be at will. I found that the best gameplay came from sessions where each user entered spaced out from each other. This gave one user a time to start a beat before the next player joined.